3 Signs To Listen For That Your Transmission Will Often Give You Before It Actually Fails

When you get behind the wheel of your car, even if you know very little about the mechanical aspects of your car, you're likely to be aware that one of the more expensive problems it might develop often has to do with the transmission.  Fortunately, vehicles often show early symptoms of transmission problems and those symptoms frequently are a change in the sound of the transmission or the related functionality of the unit.  The following are three common examples of those audible signs that every responsible car owner needs to watch for, so that there is a better chance of detecting the problem before it becomes an emergency situation.

#1-When The Vehicle Hesitates Before Responding To Your Input

Given the importance of your car immediately responding to your control of the accelerator and brakes, it can be a serious problem if there is a delay in that process. That delay might present when it takes longer to speed up or slow down while you are driving. Alternatively, it can also occur as difficulty Regardless, it is unsafe for your vehicle to not respond to your needs quickly. As a result, when you notice either issue, it's time to talk to your mechanic about your concerns.

#2-When The Transmission Starts Whining When It Needs To Work

Another situation to watch for is a loud, whining, or otherwise annoying transmission when it is in use. If you don't like it when the kids around you whine, you certainly don't want to accept that response from your car. 

Although there are a variety of causes of those new sounds, common ones are a dirty filter, damaged pump and diminished or contaminated transmission. Since both of those issues can quickly damage the transmission itself, you should allow your car to be inspected by a transmission expert as soon as you can. 

#3-When A New Sound Only Occurs In A Certain Gear Or At A Certain Speed

A third sign to listen for can be very subtle, especially when it is first occurring. Specifically, if any new sound starts and repeats when you are maintaining a certain speed or when you are in a certain gear is never a good sign. That is true regardless of whether the transmission in question is an automatic or a standard.    

The new sound can be grinding, squeaking or might even sound you have a box of rocks working their way through the transmission. The problem could be attributed to low transmission fluid and if your transmission is a standard, it might be due to impaired synchronizers. Since the synchronizers are responsible for making it easier for the unit to change gears, it's obvious that your vehicle is likely to benefit from some quality time with your transmission repair expert.

In conclusion, a failing transmission has left many people stranded on the side of the road in dangerous areas, in very unpleasant weather.  As a result, it's imperative for every driver to know what the early indicators of transmission problems and to permit their vehicle to be examined by a professional as soon as possible after those signs manifest. 

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