3 Pivotal Tips To Remember When Having Your Car Painted Another Color

There's no better way to give your car an upgrade in the looks department than painting it a new color. This is a huge customization, and to ensure you're happy with the end results, be sure to utilize these tips. 

Look Through Samples

The great thing about having your car painted a new color is that the options are limitless. You can get your car painted in a bright red or use multiple colors in its design. To help narrow down the vast options, it helps to look through some samples.

Go online and look at your exact car model in different coats of paint. There are plenty of simulators you can use to get an accurate idea of what these paint results will look like in real time. Go through many options and make a note of paint colors and finishes that you like the most. 

Choose a Skilled Auto Paint Shop

How happy you are with the results of this new paint depends a lot on who applies it. There may be several auto paint shops you can work with, but not all of them are created equal. You need to take your time vetting the available options.

Start by seeing which auto paint shops employ licensed paint specialists. This license will give you confidence that the shop can deliver professional results in a timely manner. The rate the shop charges also is an important determining factor. Compare rates on paint from different shops to get a sense of what a fair deal is.

Finally, look over customer reviews. If you see mostly positive feedback for a shop, chances are they'll be great to work with. 

Select a Paint Type

Automotive paint customization has been around for a long time, and over the years, more and more types of paint have come out. Some of the more common options include acrylic, metallic, and urethane. 

Acrylic paint is one of the more common options because it's easy to apply and leaves a glossy finish. Metallic paint is a little pricier, but it offers distinct visuals that are hard to replicate. Urethane paints are renowned for their durability.  

Having your car painted a new color is a huge customization you need to take seriously. So that you're completely happy with how this renovation turns out long-term, take your time weighing your paint options and taking the necessary precautions in the very beginning. 

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